Batch 78 Homecoming A Big Success!


img_1357Batch 78 Homecoming Nov 22, 2008
Batch 78 Homecoming Nov 22, 2008

Early reports indicate that the QCA Batch 78 Homecoming held in November 22, 2008 was a big success! Rolly Mendoza sent this picture and a lot more during the Homecoming at the QCA Campus.  Maximo Carvajal and the Batch 78 Organizing Committee will provide details and comments about the big event later.  To our batchmates who attended the Homecoming, please leave your comments and insights on the Homecoming.

For the meantime, we are publishing the Invocation delivered during the Homecoming by Raymond Valdez:

Eternal God and loving Heavenly Father,

We acknowledge your sovereignty in our lives.  We acknowledge your presence in this place.  We declare that you are the all-knowing, always-present, gracious, loving God.  Everthing that happens in our life are all in accordance with your plan and purpose for us.

Thank you for this wonderful time of fellowship that you have allowed us to experience. Thank you for our friendships that last forever. We seldom get to see each other but when we get together it’s like we were never apart. We feel just as close and connected as we did when we were teenagers. We truly love and care for each other and it is so great. We realize all of this comes from you. So thank you God.

Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for blessing our families. Thank you for our parents and brothers and sisters. Thank you for our children. It means so much to see our batchmates’ families also blessed. We realize that everything good comes from you and we thank you Lord.

It was great to learn about all the wonderful things our classmates are doing in their respective family, career, and business. We are homemakers, caregivers, engineers, architects, advertisers, entrepreneurs,  medical practitioners, computer technicians, professors, teachers, bankers, administrators, employees, and on and on. Our classmates are gifted and talented. They are making the world a better place. We are spread out all over the world and our batch is making a positive difference in the world. Thank you for blessing our batchmates with all of these abilities and the contribution they are making. We know all these good things come from you. Thank you Lord!

We are saddened because we have lost some of our batchmates. We ask that you continue to comfort and bless their families. Thank you for the time we had with them. 

And Lord we pray a special prayer for our alma mater, the owners, the officers and staff, and all the faculty members. We pray that you will grant Chairman Alvendia, President Ongoco, Mrs. Reano, wisdom as they deal with an ever-changing society. Help them to remember that every effort is an opportunity to change a life, to inspire, to energize, to bring out that special gift you have blessed to each and every one of us. Lord, we pray for the strength and endurance of our teachers. The road is a long one, never ending, and at times frustrating. We pray for their patience. We pray that when results are not apparent, may they be reminded that it is your timetable that counts, Lord. And may they not be discouraged. 

We pray for our former advisers and teachers who are with us tonight. We pray for those who were unable to come. We thank you for giving them to us, not only as our mentors, but second parents and true friends as well.  We pray that they may know the reward of gratitude and that they may enjoy a sense of achievement in the process. Bless them Lord!

Father, after 30 years, you brought us all back together again in this place.  We will reminisce, we will eat & drink, we will sing & dance, we will chat, we will encourage one another, we will all have fun. As we do that Lord, we declare that everything good comes from you.  Help us to be sensitive of your presence tonight.

We give you back all the praise and glory.  In Jesus Name, Amen!


Everything is set for the QCA Batch 78 Homecoming, Nov. 22


How time flies!!! Kelan lang ay nagpapalitan tayo ng mga e-mails, planning about this big event for our batch 78 and in between, tsikahan, tawagan, palitan ng pictures at text, intrigahan, tawanan, tampuhan, tuksuhan, me nagliligawan pa yata, hahaha, even at our age.  Eto, ilang tulog na lang, nandito na ang pinagpaplanuhan natin for almost a year ba (kasama na siguro yung mga pag-uusap ng mga kabatch sa Pinas months before nagkaisa na sige na nga, homecoming tayo!)

Eto na nga yun at salamat sa masisipag nating mga kabatch na talagang nagtrabaho upang mabuo itong dating pangarap lang natin na magkaroon ng isang malaking pagtitipon para sa ating Batch 78. Nandyan si Judy Taruc-Miranda , na mukhang napapabayaan na ang kanyang pritson business para lang sa homecoming na to, si Donna Florentino-David na mula pa sa umpisa ay di matatawaran ang dedication bilang secretary ng grupo, si Gamaliel David at Thor Migrino na sa pagkakaalam ko base sa mga emails ay runner, driver, delivery guy din ng group, si Aracely Pangilinan-Bote na tahimik lang pero nababanggit once in a while sa mga emails na very involved din sa efforts,  ang de los Reyes brothers, Conrado and Fortunato,  who also assist in their own kahit na busy sa kani-kanilang businesses, sila Rolly Mendoza and Maam Rhoda who are always there to lend their support and everyone else who have been attending the meetings to contribute in whatever ways they could for the Homecoming like Bernard and Flor Castaneto, Pfootsy Lanot, Evelyn Valdez-Mercurio, Raymond Valdez, Liza de los Reyes-Balano, Jay Dumandal and many more, pardon me kung di ko kayo nasama.  Of course, dapat din nating banggitin ang mga kabatch natin na although di sila nakakasama sa mga meeting because of very hectic schedules have been supporting the group efforts like Maximo Carvajal, Marivic Castillo and many more batchmates who could not attend the meetings but they will always be there in spirit.

Of course, ayaw ko sanang buhatin ang sarili kong silya, dapat din sigurong bigyan natin ng pansin ang mga kabatch na nasa labas ng  Pinas katulad ko na kahit wala kami dyan at hindi makakadalo ng Homecoming ay para bang mas excited pa kami para sa mga ka-batch na dadalo ng Homecoming sa November 22.  May dalawa kaming representatives na dadalo dyan, si Erlington Areglo na taga-Singapore at si Amy delos Reyes-Nuguid na taga-LA at kami ang inggit na inggit sa kanila na sila ay makakauwi  at makakahalubilo kayong mga kabatch dyan sa Homecoming.  Gusto kong bigyan din ng halaga ang ginawa ni Erlington na tumulong sa pagkakaroon ng video para sa Homecoming kahit na bising bisi sya sa trabaho nya.  Kami naman dito sa ibang bansa ay gusto ring makatulong sa inyo dyan anuman ang aming makakayanan at sana naman ay nakatulong nga kami sa inyo kahit sa maliit na paraan lamang. Alam namin ang mga sakrispiyo na ginawa ng mga kabatch natin dyan para sa Homecoming at sana naman ay kami rito sa ibang bansa ay hindi nakaabala o nakapagpabagal ng inyong mga ginagawa namin dyan.  Kung alam nyo lang ang sarap ng nararamdaman namin na makabasa ng mga emails sa bawat isa sa inyo,  be it about the Homecoming, forwards, o wala lang.  Pasensya na kayo sa amin na tinatambakan kayo ng emails about anything under the sun, kahit na tungkol sa election dito sa US, but we just love connecting with all of you and we certainly appreciate your responses whatever they are. In behalf of all overseas batchmates (from the US: Gracia Matro de la Paz, Mary Anne Martinez-de la Cruz, Grace Dacanay-Worthington, Gladys Mantoya-Sumulong, Ronnie James Costes, Amy de Los Reyes-Nuguid, Angelito Mangune, Bennie Grande, Liza Abbas-Manous; from Canada: Lester Marinas, Elisa Ramos-Malabed, Melita Bagunu-de Jesus and Herbert Ramos;  from Singapore, Erlington Areglo, from Dubai, William Tingson; from Australia, Cristeta Figueroa-Lusica, and Arsenio Javier; and Gwendolyn Saguisin-Pimentel from New Zealand, and all others whom we are still trying to include in the group), WE SALUTE ALL OF YOU THERE IN THE PHILIPPINES FOR MAKING THIS HOMECOMING POSSIBLE! HURRAY TO ALL OF YOU.

We will be monitoring the Homecoming from here. Narinig namin na magoonline kayo dyan with webcam starting at 6 pm there. Karamihan sa amin dito sa US at Canada ay nananaginip pa sa oras na yan, pero I will try because I know it’s an experience of a lifetime.  Alam ko may video of the homecoming pero iba pa rin pag live di ba? So mga kabatch sa abroad, don’t forget to wake up early on November 22, starting at 6 pm, Philippine time, 5 am Eastern time,  am Mountain time, 2  am Pacific time, 1 am Hawaii Time.  Mas mabuti pa yata ang mga taga Australia at New Zealand and even Dubai, convenient sa kanila ng time ng reunion, so please get on line for the Homecoming if you can!

If we can’t make it online on that big night, we will be with you in spirit wherever we are and we will be excitedly waiting for the pictures and video as soon as they become available.  WE WISH YOU A SUCCESSFUL AND ENJOYABLE HOMECOMING AND HAVE FUN!

                                                     ROSARIO CABER-GUILLON, from Michigan, USA